Top 3 most affectionate wild animals towards humans.

There are different categories of animals in the world, domestic ones and the ones that are wild. Wild animals live in jungles, forests or in nature and hunt their food. Despite their primitive way of living, there are appreciated by some people. The same way, some wild animals affectionate towards humans. Discover in the following paragraph 3 of them.


Chimpanzees are known to be great friends with humans, what is an interesting fact. Moreover, they are closer to humans than to other apes and their social behaviour is similar to ours. They have the ability to feel love and warmth for people they considered as their friends. Also, they can express their feelings and emotions by patting or giving gifts such as grass or branches to people. They also develop great intelligence like playing with people.


Elephants spend too much time interacting with members of their group. They are very social animals and prove that to people around them. They are good friends with humans and like playing with them. Elephants are also able to recognise someone they interacted with decades ago. They protect humans who protect them and can express joy, anger, grief and compassion. Elephants often try to comfort their human friend when the latter are sad. A website dedicated to such matters will provide you more information as you want about wild animals.


Pandas are very cute animals with beautiful coats. They are also very shy. They often lower their heads or hide their faces when they meet a person for the first time. Pandas have sneezing habits and clownish behaviour that are so lovely. With their loving gestures they make people easily fall in love with them. Despite the fact that are wild, they can also show all the tenderness and sweetness due to humans. However, pandas can become very angry and violent in some cases like when you approach their baby. All these animals are just fascinating.