The importance of securing computer data

Every day, thousands of data are exchanged between companies. Among the data that is exchanged is the most sensitive data.  A failure to protect any of this data can be very costly when it falls into the wrong hands. Thus, to avoid such disasters, it is important to secure computer data.  This article tells you more about computer security.

 What is computer security

Computer security is the term used to describe all techniques that aim to protect all information systems of an individual or organisation. Ddos protection is available to ensure the security of your personal data. Computer security locks down information and only allows access to someone who is entitled to it.

Objectives of IT security

The objectives of computer security are numerous. Among many others, we have :


Computer security aims at keeping the integrity of the data handled within a company. This data must not be modified and must be received intact as the sender sent it.


Confidentiality is also one of the objectives of computer security. Computer data should only be accessible to those who have the right to access it.  Confidentiality makes the data unintelligible to unauthorised persons and requires an access code for access.


This objective aims to ensure that only those persons entitled to access personal data have done so. Generally, the persons who have access to this information have a password which they are not allowed to disclose.

Data availability and non-repudiation

Finally, IT security ensures that the information is immediately available and easy to decipher to the right persons. Furthermore, all operations carried out are recorded. This makes it possible to create a history of all transactions.

The advantages of IT security

Computer security is very advantageous. It protects computer data.  It makes it difficult for outsiders to access the information. Security is also a preventive measure. It warns against threats if they are there or before they arrive.