North Korea to provide world’s first female autocrat in modern history

North Korea has been under the autocratic rule of Kim Jong-un and his family, however, it seems things will change soon.

Kim yo-jong ready to step into her brother’s shoe when time permits

After recently staging a surprise comeback when rumors of her death surfaced on social media, Kim Yo-jong is reported to be available to become the world’s first female autocratic leader in modern history” after some statements credited to her.

The stern-looking 33-year-old is seen as a crucial member of the country’s regime. She is second only to Kim Jong-un and is known as a smart tactician.

In 2015, Yo-jong secured the position of the First Deputy Director of the Workers Party’s Publicity and Agitation group. A very critical department in North Korea’s public service.

Since that time, she has gotten a quick rise to political power after public pictures were shown with her beside her brother Kim on the International stage during his various meetings with President Trump around 2018.

North Korea Kim thinking ahead of his rule

Her autocratic brother wants her to get enough political support to take over as a kind of regent in case he dies prematurely before his young son matures. However, Yo-jong will have to acquire some kind of revolutionary success to get the backing of North Korea’s highly placed ruling elites.

In July, Yo-jong spoke out against the South after they were accused of allegedly destroying highly symbolic liaison edifices. She is seen as the most aggressive sibling and has sent several warnings to the south foreign minister that they will suffer for all their actions against North Korea.

While Kim was sick, it was feared that she would take over if he fails to recover. Political analysts are keeping watch over her and warned that she may be worse than her brother. Only time will decide what her next step will be.