Do you know the different types of hotels ?

Hotels allow you to stay in a friendly space for your vacation or business stay. But not all hotels are created equal. There is an international classification that allows us to classify each establishment according to the services it provides to its occupants. In the following lines, we will summarize all the hotel classes.

1 star hotels

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home ? This page shows you examples of hotels. In terms of classification, these are the hotels that are at the bottom of the scale, and this for several reasons. They are economical and do not focus too much on comfort and aesthetics. This is the type of formula that is suitable for short stays when you don't have a residence and you decide to save money. For this type of hotel, the rooms are designed to accommodate a maximum of two people. If you are lucky, you will have individual showers and a TV.

2 and 3 star hotels

These are the mid-range options that offer many more advantages. First of all, the rooms are much more spaced out, even at the shower level. Here, the staff must be able to speak foreign languages besides French. There is also an obligation to have television, telephone and especially an internet connection. The services of the agents must be available at least ten times a day. Also, if the number of floors is important, the hotel must provide an elevator in perfect working order. 

4 and 5 star hotels

These are the top-of-the-range hotels, the last of the classification. The establishments with this certification offer the best services in the world in terms of accommodation and catering. The rooms are even more spacious and the services that go with it are even more interesting. You will be entitled to air-conditioned rooms and internationally accessible television channels. In addition, you can have breakfast in your room and you even get a king-size bed.