Coronavirus’s latest update hints at three-quarters of the England population plunging into Tier-4 watch live

Three-quarters of England will be plunged into Tier-4 which is attributed as the toughest level of restrictions starting on the 31st of December 2020. The rest of England will be going into Tier-3 restrictions.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock analysis on the distribution of tiers in England

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the Commons on the 30th of December that The Midlands, the North East, parts of the North West and parts of the South West will enter into Tier 4 from 00.01 on the 31st of December 2020. This relative to about 78% of the population of England. He stated that “Sharply rising cases and the hospitalizations that follow display a need to act where the virus is spreading.”

The Health Secretary also told the Members of Parliament that the majority of the new cases recorded yesterday are believed to be a new variant of the coronavirus. He further added that the virus is, unfortunately, spreading at an alarming rate across England with cases being on the constant double rise. Hence, the necessity to apply Tier 4 measures to a large area range. As of 3:38 pm on the 30th of December 2020, no area in England was in Tier 2. But some 2000 people that is the population of the Aisle of Scilly will being Tier 1.

England’s citizens advised to take preventive cautious steps

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock cautioned people to take personal responsibility to stop the spread of the virus. Metro Mayor for the Liverpool City Region Steve Rotheram said, ’Despite our area leading on many of the medical developments in the fight against COVID-19 we have seen transmission rates rise, recently in every part of our city region leading to a worrying uptick in positive situations. The cases at the same time have risen to alarming rates across the rest of the country that threaten to push the NHS to its limits.