All about Adrian Cheng

In the world of entrepreneurship, several personalities have been able to impact their field and bring great progress in the various sectors chosen. Adrian Cheng is one of the most popular people who knows how to wield intelligence and sociability to offer the world what he is looking for. Here is an article about this man with extreme potential.

The story of Adrian Cheng

In the world of entrepreneurship, Adrian Cheng is a very famous man recognized for his bravery. Originally from Hong Kong, he was able to put in place effective strategies to give a new face to a fairly old family business. A graduate of Harvard University, he is also the CEO of Chow Tai Fook. This is a jewelry company founded by her maternal great-grandfather. Adrian Cheng is also present on the boards of several artistic institutions, including Moma PS1 in New York and the Royal Academy in London.

Adrian Cheng's popular business approach

In his track record, Adrian Cheng has benefited from a particular great asset with regard to the commercial approach. At 40, he is CEO of New World Development. He then managed this company by providing the necessary armaments for a perfect take-off of the structure. It should be remembered that this company rejuvenated by the famous Adrian Cheng was more than 50 years old. It is therefore with unparalleled dynamism that the grandson of Cheng Yu-Tung, formerly CEO of New World Development, managed and revived this family business. In addition, he holds the reins of a K11 company focused on strengthening culture and creativity in order to create a new world filled with innovation. With several equally talented collaborators, Adrian Cheng maintains his social objective and continues to act for the well-being of all. Hong Kong recognizes him as one of the most honest and active personalities for the development of the country.