4 things to know about Norway

Just like Sweden or Denmark, Norway is a Scandinavian country. Not being part of the European Union, Norway has its own oddities which differ from those of other countries. So, what to know about Norway?

Norway is a member of the Schengen area

Norway is a member of the Schengen area. The country is therefore an ETIAS country. Have no idea what an ETIAS country is? Visit etias-visas.com for more information.

Norway is a fairly long country

Norway has an area of ​​148,718 km². The country extends, however, from 57 ° to 81 ° in the north. Norway therefore extends over longitude. That is the reason why it takes a long trip to go from one side of the country to the other.

Southern Norway is different from Northern Norway

If you visit all of Norway, you will notice that there is a great difference between the south and the north. Indeed, the South of Norway is endowed with very beautiful landscapes with coasts, hot weather, etc. The north of Norway on the other hand is arctic. You can expect to find there endless ice caps and dreadfully cold weather.

The midnight sun exists in Norway

In Norway, during the winter, there are polar nights. During this period, it is usually dark for 24 hours. During the summer, it is rather the opposite. The sun does not set all day. Instead, it keeps on shining in the sky all night long, even at midnight.Norway is a beautiful country, with its own unique oddities. Should you go and visit it, you’d instantly fall in love with the bipolar landscape, the culture and the food. On top of all that, you’d also get to feel the main feature of the norwegian people : their deep ideal of equality. You will agree that in an era in which elitism has taken hold so deeply, there is much to be learned from a community guided by the daily pursuit of pure and real equality.