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Yoga Training Tips for everyone

yoga training tipsThese Yoga Training Tips will give you great value.

Hello everyone. This section I am going to give many yoga training tips that can bring you the most out of your yoga practice. Also I will talk about what to do when things are not going well in your practice, if you get an injury for example or you are the best way top deal with muscle soreness.

I would like to thank Kru Nui (who you can see in the Free Yoga Pose section) For taking some time to let me photograph her for this site. She is a fantastic yoga teacher and a very good friend.

If any of you are in Thailand and would like yoga lessons from Nui you can feel free to contact her on my contact page, Just fill the form and I will pass on the information.

She gives both Private and Group classes at very good rates. When she has the time, right now she is teaching 5 classes a day 7 days a week. She lives, eats and breaths yoga!

Also within this section I will be adding yoga training tips from many other yoga teachers that I know. We will talk about the bet way to train, what to do when you have pain or an injury, when is the best time to train, how can you find time easily to train when you are very busy, and how you can turn your passion for yoga into a nice part time or full time income!!!

I would like to hear from my readers as well… feel free to use my contact page and let me know any question you may have and I will post the answers here for everyone, I look forward to hearing from you.

I also have recently added a page for free yoga exercises that can help with weight loss. On that page I talk about how yoga can be used for weight loss and also yoga routines to help with your training as well. Have a look and I have also recently added a form at the bottom of that page for people who would like to share their yoga routines with our readers.

Our Yoga Training Tips:


Astanga Yoga – Kino MacGregor

Astanga yoga

Astanga Yoga video with Kino MacGregor I agree with Kino that they are Astanga yoga is hard… but really even the easiest poses can be hard if you really go deeply (mentally and spiritually) into the pose… and that they all have ...

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Health benefits of bananas

Health benefits of bananas

Here are the Health benefits of bananas you can enjoy The health benefits of bananas are defiantly not just for the monkeys. It is one of the coolest fruits you can have, with some unique properties. I have made this page ...

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Sabdha Meditation or Sound Meditation

Sabdha Meditation

Sabdha Meditation is good in today’s urban environment. Sabdha Meditation means sound meditation. When we think about meditation we think of the secluded, calm and quiet place where there are few distractions. As we know this can sometimes be hard to ...

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Yoga online is here to stay

yoga online

Yoga online is growing at a steady pace. Yoga online is a very strong topic lately. Today I decided to see how yoga was really doing online based on what people were searching for. As you can see from the ...

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Body Cleansing

healthy eating

What is body cleansing and why do we need it? To sum up this question I can say We need body cleansing because we live in a very toxic world, from the air we breath to the food we eat ...

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Yoga Straw for marketing

yoga straw

The Yoga Straw is a great marketing idea When I first saw the yoga straw I though it was a great idea, and so cool. Not only that but I know for me I would keep it, clean it and ...

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Meditation CD Review

Meditation CD Review

Meditation CD Review from Harmony Radio I have just finished listening to a meditation CD. It was sent to me for a Meditation CD Review by one of our readers. You can find his CD at http://www.harmonyradio.org/ The music in the CD ...

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HRmax and weight loss


How does your HRmax relate to loosing weight? Your HRmax is very important if you want to loose weight efficiently. Yoga exercises are widely practiced by many to reduce weight and can easily get you in the right heart rate ...

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Hot Yoga is it good for you?

hot yoga

What is Hot Yoga? Hi there, well many people wonder what is Hot yoga. The answer is very simple. It is Yoga done in a hot room. *smile* In Hot Yoga the room is heated to about 35-40 degrees C ...

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