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Hot Yoga is it good for you?

hot yoga

What is Hot Yoga? Hi there, well many people wonder what is Hot yoga. The answer is very simple. It is Yoga done in a hot room. *smile* In Hot Yoga the room is heated to about 35-40 degrees C ...

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Kriya yoga

kriya yoga

What is Kriya Yoga? Kriya yoga comes from many other yoga styles of yoga, but is very unique in itself. It’s main roots stem from three other styles of yoga. Karma yoga in its focus for selfless actions and being responsible ...

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Karma Yoga Can bring peace

Karma yoga

Karma Yoga and you The main principal of Karma yoga is to do selfless service, with no thought of gaining in any way from it. Simply do it because it is the right thing to do. This is for everything ...

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Kundalini Yoga

kundalini yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga? Kundalini yoga is sometimes referred to as the mother yoga. For a nice introduction to Kundalini please click the play button on the bottom of the video. You should enjoy it. The power of this style ...

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Power yoga

power yoga

Power Yoga and Ashtanga. The info you need. The differences between power yoga and Ashtanga is simple. Ashtanga is very structured with a set pattern of poses. However power yoga on the other hand can be very different from teacher ...

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Bhakti Yoga

bhakti yoga

Here is the basics of Bhakti yoga. Bahkti Yoga is the science of devotion. There is no real physical side to this art in relation to Yoga postures but it is more aligned to our actions and behaviors in daily ...

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Yoga Styles for everyone.

Yoga Styles

Here are the main yoga styles you may encounter? When we think about the different Yoga Styles we typically think of physical yoga. However not all yoga relies on asana and postures. In this page I will describe the different types ...

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