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Supplements introduction

SupplementsWhat Supplements do we need?

With all the different supplements out there, which ones are of value and which ones do we really need? On this page I will try to address this concern and give you the information you need to make a good decision.

There are A LOT of Herbs and Vitamins and Minerals out there that your body needs and can make use of (enough to make several new web sites about) . I will talk about a few important ones here, and will talk more about others in future posts. For now here is some information to get your started.

What supplements your body really needs:

This is where I will give you information about herbs that can be beneficial to you and what there purpose are.

1. Cocoa

This one is my favorite because I love chocolate. Here is some GREAT news for all you chocolate lovers, chocolate is actually very good for you. The higher the cocoa content the better (so Dark Chocolate is the best for you)

Some benefits of Cocoa are that it helps lower blood pressure, it is a powerful antioxidant. Studies suggest a specially formulated type of cocoa may boost brain function and delay decline as people age. Also small but regular amounts of dark chocolate were shown to lower the possibility of heart attacks.

One aspect of my diet is I love chocolate (my one vice), however chocolate is very good for you (in moderation), a good friend of mine has a very nice website all about chocolate and also some of her own chocolates for sale from the site. If you love chocolate the same as me you may find her website very interesting.

Cocoa could also help obese people better control inflammation-related diseases such as diabetes.


Here we will discuss some of the very important Vitamin Supplements you need for your life.

1. Vitamin C

One of the most important vitamin supplements in my mind is Vitamin C. It is essential for tissue repair and as we know when training sports there are always small injuries that happen. Also it vital for healthy immune and nervous systems because it strengthens blood vessels, as it is an antioxidant that participates in oxidation-reduction reactions. Also, it is needed for utilizing carbohydrates and synthesizing fats and proteins, yes you need it to help you loose weight too. Do not forget that this vitamin plays a large role in the production of antibodies as well, that is why when you are sick everyone says to eat Vitamin C.

Another thing about vitamin C that I like is that you can not Overdose on it. If your body has to much you just “pee it out”. So it is the safest of all the vitamins and minerals.

2. Vitamin D The Sunshine vitamin

There are many benefits to this one as well. Such as it absorbs calcium and phosphorus to aid in the development of bones and teeth. Also it promotes normal cell growth and maturation and helps to maintain a healthy nervous and immune system in the body.

3. And of course all the B vitamins.

These you simply need and I will take the time to outline all of them at a later date in their own post. However make sure that they are in your diet.


Here are a couple very important mineral supplements for your body if you practice yoga or other physical forms of exercise.

1. Calcium:

It is the most abundant mineral in the human body, Calcium helps the metabolic functions necessary for normal functioning of the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems. It also plays a very important role in normal heart function, kidney function, blood clotting, and blood-vessel integrity. Additionally, it helps to utilize the vitamin B-12. Also it is very nessesary in the function of your muscles, and because of this very nessesary to make sure you have enough calcium in your diet if you train yogo or any other physical activity.

Some Natural sources of this most important mineral are:

Almonds, Kelp, Brazil nuts, Milk, Broccoli. Canned fish with bones, rice, Sardines, Tofu, Cheese, Cottage cheese, Yogurt, Cauliflower, Walnuts, Peanuts, Baked beans, Soybeans
It is recommended that you have 1000 mg of Calcium in your diet per day.

2. Potassium:

This is one of the most important mineral supplements for Yoga practitioners. Because it promotes regular heartbeat and normal muscle contractions. Also it regulates the transfer of nutrients to the cells of the body. It maintains water balance in body tissues and cells and preserves or restores normal function of nerve cells, heart cells, skeletal-muscle cells, and kidneys. Athletes and workers who participate in vigorous physical activities, especially when endurance is an important aspect of the activity should have a good amount of potassium in there diet

Some natural sources are :
Whole grains, Asparagus, Molasses, Avocados, Bananas, Parsnips, Beans, Peas (fresh), Cantaloupe, Potatoes, Carrots, raisins, Citrus fruit, Sardines, canned, Spinach, fresh and boiled, Milk, Prunes, Pistachios, Peanuts, Melon, Green peas, boiled, Barely, Beef

In conclusion

I hope you have found the above information on supplements helpful. I will be adding to it more posts about this topic as time goes by. I look forward to hearing your comments below.


About George Knight

George Knight has been involved in Fitness for almost 20 years. He started by teaching Martial arts in 1991. Since then he has worked as a Personal trainer, Martial Arts Instructor and Yoga Practitioner.
Now as owner of the Wandering Yogi he looks forward to sharing his passion for Yoga and travel with others.