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Sabdha Meditation or Sound Meditation

Sabdha MeditationSabdha Meditation is good in today’s urban environment.

Sabdha Meditation means sound meditation. When we think about meditation we think of the secluded, calm and quiet place where there are few distractions. As we know this can sometimes be hard to come by, especially if you live in the city. So what can be done? DO we just not meditate and hope for the best and find less productive ways of dealing with stress?

Of course not. The wonderful thing about meditation in its core is it is about focus. Usually we can focus on an idea, or the lack of idea (in the terms of emptiness or focusing on clearing the mind completely), or even a feeling.

With Sabdha Meditation we focus on a sound. It can be any sound in your environment. It can be the sound of the traffic outside your home, the sound of a train on the tracks (if you are on a train to work or somewhere, which is good because travel confines you to one spot and is a great opportunity for meditation… as long as you are not in control of the vehicle), it can be the sound of the refrigerator in your house or the air conditioner in your room. The key is to pick a sound and focus only on that sound, letting everything else fall away.

With this kind of meditation external distractions do not matter, because you will use those distraction in order to do your meditation.


So how do we do this kind of meditation? The first thing you need to do is to concentrate your whole attention on the one sound you have chosen, it should be a regular sound not one that is coming and going.  You fill your mind with that sound and allow it to push all other thoughts away (this is very helpful since many people have difficulty clearing their minds, the sound can do it for you if you let it).

Whenever your mind drifts off, bring it back to that sound and be aware of the sound only and nothing else.

Also you can see right now that the excuse that you have no time or that you have no place to meditated does not work any more since this technique can help you to be able to meditate under almost any circumstance.

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