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Prenatal yoga

prenatal yogaIs Prenatal Yoga good for me?

Prenatal Yoga works great for pregnancy. That’s wonderful and TRUE. But do you know how?

There are 5 parts to yoga that are extremely beneficial to women who are pregnant. When applied together they improve your health and your ability to have a smooth pregnancy. As your health becomes better, the health of your child is also improved, and it is the goal of every parent to have a strong and healthy child.

The 5 things that yoga can give you during your pregnancy are:

1. Exercises: Yoga exercises improve flexibility and blood flow to the organs, they also massage the organs in the body as well… since your baby is inside you it also gains these benefits.

2. Breathing: Yoga Breathing is a powerful way to bring an abundance of oxygen to the body as well as deep breathing automatically relaxes the muscles of the body and as our body’s relax so does our minds.

3. Mudras: The stimulation of these gestures and locks have powerful effects on a woman’s reproductive organs.

4. Meditation: The benefits of meditation are many and varied. It brings you inside yourself, creating awareness and deep relaxation as well as focus and a feeling of peace. Some have told me that is also creates a connection with your unborn child that cannot be explained.

5. Deep relaxation: Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) is very effective during pregnancy for physical and mental relaxation which is a very good way to prepare for the childbirth process.


During your pregnancy, you want to stay in shape and do what is best for both you and your coming child. Prenatal yoga is a great way to do both. It does not matter if you are new to yoga or if you are already an experienced practitioner, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga while pregnant. Yoga classes are also a great way to prepare yourself for the birthing process. It is also a great place to meet other mothers and establish friendships for both you and your coming child.

Prenatal yoga classes have become one of the most popular ways for pregnant women to stay healthy and strong during their pregnancy. It limber, tones your muscles, as well as improves your balance and circulation, while protecting your joints from impacts.

One reason that Yoga is beneficial for women is that it helps you learn to breathe deeply and relax, which will be very valuable when you face the physical demands of labor, birth, and also motherhood. In fact, one of the first things you learn in a yoga class is how to breathe.

According to a report in the April 2009 issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, rigorous studies have found scientific proof that yoga helps the body deal with stress by slowing heart and breathing rates and lowering blood pressure — which as stated before can benefit new moms after the baby’s born, too.



How Prenatal Yoga Helps During Pregnancy.

  1. Increases overall strength, flexibility and well-being
  2. Increased circulation and Improved mobility
  3. Reduces low back pain and sciatica
  4. Reduces aches and fatigue in the thoracic and cervical regions of the spine
  5. Reduces swelling and inflammation around your joints
  6. Aids in digestion
  7. Helps prepare you physically for giving birth
  8. Improves emotional well-being

How Prenatal Yoga Helps During Labor.

  1. Soothe and empower yourself by finding your own inner rhythm
  2. Facilitate the labor process
  3. Improve your physical comfort
  4. Learn to use the tools of meditation and visual imagery
  5. Become familiar with the concept of vocalization
  6. Use the muscles of your pelvic floor effectively

Some Tips about Prenatal Yoga

First Trimester yoga tips.

Second Trimester yoga tips. (coming soon)

Third Trimester yoga tips. (coming soon)


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