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Mountain pose

Mountain poseMountain pose (Tadasana)

Next in our free yoga poses is the mountain pose or tadasana, it is a standing pose that can help your posture, stability and balance.

Practicing this pose will teach you to how to correctly align your body when standing. When your body is aligned correctly your head, neck and spine form a straight line.

I know you think you can stand straight but this is more involved, it challenges you to be fully aware of your body and really perfect this pose that we take for granted as easy.

NOTE: with this pose you will divide your body into two parts. The lower part below your waist and the upper half above the waist. The lower half will feel stable and grounded and your upper half should feel light and relaxed.


As with all yoga poses breath evenly while performing the pose.

A resource for you that is very helpful in training this pose as well as others is Scientific Keys Vol 1 – The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga, It is an excellent book that details the muscle and bone alignments for this pose as well as many other postures. It has brought my training to a whole new level. (The ability to visualize what is happening inside the body can really make allot of the more difficult poses easier to do). They have a free first chapter on the site, I encourage you to check it out.


How to do this pose.

1. Stand tall with you feet hip width apart.

2. Inhale as you lift and spread your toes and the place them back on the ground (imagine your toes are like fingrs reaching up then gripping the ground.

3. Balance your weight evenly between the soles of your feet, and allow your toes to relax

4. Your lower body should now feel grounded and stable

5. Tuck you tailbone under to lengthen the spine

6. Relax your shoulders down and allow your arms to hand loose by your sides.

7. Point the crown of your head to the ceiling and softly gaze at a fixed point in front of you

8. Relax your face, eyes, jaw and throat.

9. Hold this pose you 1-2 minuted and really be aware of your body and balance.


I hope you enjoy this pose. Remember the goal is to be perfectly balanced, and an even weight distribution between your two feet… and this is impossible to do perfectly, you will see as you try that the body is constantly adjusting and shifting, not much but constantly… allow this to become a meditation of sorts as you observe the process.

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