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Meditation informationLooking for Meditation information?

Meditation information on the internet sometimes can get confusing. In this section of my site I will try to give you what you need to have a clear understanding of what meditation is and what it can do for you. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, so the history of meditation is very long. Originally, it was intended to help develop spiritual understanding and awareness. Now it is still used for those things as well as many other applications as well.

Some of those applications are for stress reduction, improving memory and even improving our physical health, since meditation can have a large impact on that as well. For more information about these benefits you can see my meditation benefits page.

The quote to the left really sums up the whole importance of meditation for me. When it comes to yourself the amount of control you have on your mind will shape the very future of your life. This is something that we cannot ignore.

What is Meditation?

Well meditation is a form of mental exercise in which a person will focus there attention on a sound, a chanted word, an object, a visualization or there own breath or movement (such as in Tai Chi and yoga ). This is done in order to reduce stress, improve concentration, promote relaxation and enhance your own personal and spiritual growth.

I will be adding meditation techniques as well as meditation information here for you on this section. You will find many meditations you can try, and we will be adding more all the time. Have a look around and remember to give your feedback in the comments, we would love to hear from our readers.

Types of Meditation

There is another common form of meditation called mindfulness meditation. In this style of meditation you are meant to be aware of ALL thoughts, feelings, sensations and the environment around you (the opposite of narrowing your focus like most meditations do). The practice of this style goes better for people who are already proficient at quieting the mind.

There are also many other types of meditation which I will cover in depth in future pages, remember to follow us on twitter or Facebook to be notified of new pages as they come.


I will be adding several meditative techniques and practices to the meditation techniques page (link coming soon).

Your mind controls your body, and it is time you gain control of your mind. I wish you the best and remember when looking for some peace, you only need to look inside yourself.

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