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Karma Yoga Can bring peace

Karma yogaKarma Yoga and you

The main principal of Karma yoga is to do selfless service, with no thought of gaining in any way from it. Simply do it because it is the right thing to do. This is for everything in life, how you act to others, how you treat nature and most important how you treat yourself (I know it is hard to believe but some people tend to be very hard on themselves and that is not good).

What are the benefits to you?

When you do selfless service you purify your heart. Negative attitudes and feeling will become a thing of the past. Over time you will develop a soft heart and the qualities of kindness, humility, sympathy and tolerance will start to fill your personality. From this a sense of peace and happiness will take the place of stress, anger and frustration.

As you can see the benefits of Karma yoga are great, not to mention the fact that the more you help others, the more others will be there to help you, if you ever need it.

Others that need your help.

One site that we support here is The Mind Body Awareness Project. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching essential life skills to at-risk youths through the practices of meditation and yoga. I feel this is a great place for someone to work on there Karma, by volunteering your time or donating to them.

Karma Yoga is a place to start to help find peace in your heart. You will also find by practicing karma yoga people will treat you differently, and be more willing to help you and be there when you need them. Remember it is the relationships we have in life that matter the most.

We will be adding more sites we feel have alot to offer here soon, places that need your help where you can make a donation or volunteer your time. Subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter feed to be informed of updates to the page as they happen.


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