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Dealing with stress

dealing with stressAre you Dealing with Stress?

This is a very important question. How we are dealing with stress directly affects our health and also how we deal with others, including the ones you love… After all, how many relationships do you know of that either have ended or are having problems because of the stress within the lives of the individuals?

This page is going to talk about how people are dealing with stress… as you might have guessed from the theme of this website, we are going to talk about specifically how Meditation and Yoga can help you with this problem, as well as how Hypnosis can be a tool to help as well (which is, more or less, just a form of meditation).

These are many suggestions for dealing with stress, as a Psychology Major I have been exposed to a lot of them from helping people change the way they view the situation to setting goals and introducing the benefits of meditationexercise and sleep on reducing stress. The last three are what this page will address for you, as well as a couple other things.

When we are dealing with stress, we must first recognize the symptoms of stress. They can include: exhaustion, loss of or an increased in appetite, headaches, crying, sleeplessness, and also oversleeping which often accompanies depression. Escape through alcohol, drugs, or other compulsive behavior are often indications that stress has a control over you and not the other way around. Feelings of alarm, frustration, or apathy may also be present when stress has a hold of you.

So how to deal with stress? Well here are some ideas…


Well one way to deal with stress, as a psychologist will tell you, is to avoid the stressful situation if possible. However sometimes that is not possible at all. This is where Yoga can come into place. Before we talk about the benefits of the exercise, we can address another benefit that is often overlooked. That benefit is that it removes you from the Stressful situation. Both by getting away physically and also by the focus and concentration required in yoga takes you away mentally from it as well.


This seems like a simple one on how to deal with stress, but if it really was then stress would not be a problem. Meditation is a way you can free your mind and let go of what is troubling you. There are many forms of meditation and lots of meditation exercises around. The best way to decide on what works for you is to take the time and try several. When I say try I do not mean one time, but pick one you come across and try it every day for a week. if it works great! If not, then pick another one and try it for a week.

No two people are the same, and sometimes we need to find our own way. So just because your friends meditation worked great for her, does not mean it will for you, the key is to know this and simply try another and not give up.


This one does surprising things. Just in the simple act of helping someone else, a friend paint his house or helping a old lady across the street (try it sometime) is a great way of dealing with stress, and the best part is you may help someone else with their stress through your act of kindness.

This is the whole premise of Karma Yoga, the act of helping others sets you free inside and brings its own happiness. It sounds cheesy and right of a greeting card but it is true and happiness is one of the best cures for stress, after all it is hard to be depressed and stresses out when smiling.


Another answer on how to deal with stress can be found in exercise. Research has shown over and over again that people who exercise are much more resistant to stress and less likely to develop problems from stress as mentioned at the top of this page.

The reasons for this are from 2 aspects of exercise.

The first is that you are channeling our energy into a physical thing, and Stress is a form of energy, yes it makes you feel tiered so that does not make sense, but You can take the feelings of frustration and anger and use them within your workouts… do not believe me? try this simple test… Go to the gym, get on a cross trainer machine (I like them better then the bikes and no impact on the knees like a treadmill), get your strides up to about 140 per min which is comfortable (and for me the optimum fat burning zone), then take your eyes off the readout, think about the thing that is bothering you the most and right when you really have the emotion in you about it, look down at the readout again, I bet that it will be up to 150-160 strides per min.

You are taking these feelings that are inside you and they are coming out, the thoughts will still always be there about what bothers you but you will find that the negative feelings associated with it are reduced after a good workout.

The second aspect to how exercise helps is the fact that we know stress directly effects the body, and people with higher physical fitness and stronger body’s are able to withstand stress much better.

You can imagine that your body is your castle, a castle with walls made of sand (poor physical fitness and weaker body immune system) will not stop the tide very easily, However a castle with walls made of stone (strong body and healthy immune system) will withstand the tide much longer… maybe not forever but you can see the difference.

Also exercise releases endorphins that can lower stress levels. This is an additional benefit to the strengthening of the body.

We recommend Yoga exercise for stress over other kinds because it has BOTH a physical and a mental element that can help you with how to deal with stress in your life. Also we just love yoga (smile). SO give a try to some basic yoga exercises and find a class to attend or even a Yoga retreat to go one, they are the best to recharge the batteries and feel just like new.


A Proper sleep pattern can also help you in dealing with stress in your life. There are many theories as to why we dream, some are spiritual and some are more pragmatic. Some people believe that when we dream it is our minds way of working out the problems in our lives. So without proper sleep we never enter REM sleep and do not get this benefit.

The benefits of sleep are many. From reducing the risk of type 2 Diabetes, (that in itself reduces your stress, I do not know about you but if I was diagnosed with diabetes that would raise my stress level sure!), too helping the body make repairs and heal itself.


There are many ways people are dealing with stress. But the key is not just read about it, but to do it as well. To that end please feel free to explore our site, you will find Yoga exercises as well as Meditation exercises to help get you started. You fill also find information about Yoga retreats and travel.

A friend has create some information on Simple, Safe & Rejuvenating techniques for Stress Relief, I think you will find the site useful.


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George Knight has been involved in Fitness for almost 20 years. He started by teaching Martial arts in 1991. Since then he has worked as a Personal trainer, Martial Arts Instructor and Yoga Practitioner. Now as owner of the Wandering Yogi he looks forward to sharing his passion for Yoga and travel with others.