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Basic meditation exercises

Basic meditation exercisesDo you want some Basic Meditation Exercises to try?

These Basic meditation exercises are a good place to begin. On this page I want to give you some advice and some exercises you can start today. Also I will discuss the 5 things that you should start doing today, if you wish to see a change in you life.

The First is you need to do it regularly. I recommend doing the meditations 20 min twice per day. One time in the morning to centre yourself for the day (This is the most important one) and another in the evening to help bring you calm and prepare for sleep. Also it is always better to meditate on an empty stomach, or at least 2 hours after eating. This must be everyday, as with most things worth while, it takes time to notice a big improvement. DO not worry though if you do this the change WILL come.

Second is that you need to meditate in a quiet and comfortable place. I know sometimes this is hard to find if you are married with kids so you may need to be creative… there is nothing wrong with doing basic meditation exercises in you car for example or the restroom at work (should be quiet if you start to show up 30 min early). These examples are just to show you that there are always possibilities should you look for them. So do not get discouraged if your home is too loud and there is nowhere you can be alone. Another option is an early morning Yoga class that also mixes meditation with the practice.

Third your posture is very important in all basic meditation exercises. Focus on being relaxed but also on sitting up straight (on a chair or a pillow on the floor, whatever you feel better with). Remember if your posture is not good it inhibits your breathing and the energy flow in your body. Also you mind will wonder more and you will find it more difficult to focus.

The fourth thing is to choose your own mantra (a saying you will repeat to yourself during the meditation). This will help focus the mind, if you have to chant a mantra (aloud or silently in your mind) then your mind will have a harder time wondering. You can pic something traditional like the word “Om” which will bring about relaxation and peace in your mind or you can select something more personal such as “I am confident”. The Key to your mantra should be what you wish to change about yourself and should always be worded as “I am…” Never “I will”… The reason for this is that your subconscious believes what you tell it, you say it has already happened then your mind will believe you and act accordingly (again not after 20 min but it will come… keep a journal about your feelings and experiences to see how they change over a few weeks of this)

Lastly is to do it.


Here are some meditations for you to try:

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Astanga yoga

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Sabdha Meditation or Sound Meditation

Sabdha Meditation

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yoga online

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healthy eating

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Meditation CD Review

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Hot Yoga is it good for you?

hot yoga

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