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Astanga Yoga – Kino MacGregor

Astanga Yoga video with Kino MacGregor

I agree with Kino that they are Astanga yoga is hard… but really even the easiest poses can be hard if you really go deeply (mentally and spiritually) into the pose… and that they all have a lesson to teach us. Kino gives us some great feedback in this video and and some great tips to think about in our practice. 

One of my lessons was that I thought Mountain pose was easy until I really went deep into it, it virtually impossible to have your balance exactly 50/50 between your feet, when we stand straight we think we have it, but when we bring our awareness to our feet we feel the constant movement and weight being redistributed… If I rushed though I never would have had the experience of going deep like that…. I think that is a very important key in your practice as well is that to go deep you need to slow down. 

Actually all yoga poses are a never ending journey, from the ones we thought were the easiest to the ones we think are the hardest. It is about the journey and about patience.  Take it all step be step and enjoy each one. 

I hope you enjoyed the video and that this post will help give more insights into your practice and help you to go to the next level… or go back to a previous level and take the journey deeper. Either way I know that for me the journey will never end.

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She is a wonderful yoga teacher.

Learn more about Kino: kinoyoga.com


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